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IT Consulting

Our experts wait for your questions about everything which is IT!

Web development

We use the latest technologies and coding to provide our customers excellent user experience.

Custom software development

We take up the full cycle of development of your idea: from conceptualizing it to the maintenance with the phasis like: planning, designing, coding, testing, and deploying your software.

Mobile development

We design and develop applications that are high-performing and more interactive.

Data science

Data science uses scientific methods, processes, and algorithms extract knowledge from data and leveraging this data to take major decisions is a key strategic practice for any business.

Data analysis

A data analyst reviews data to identify key insights into a business’s customers and ways the data can be used to solve problems. They also communicate this information to company leadership and other stakeholders.

Data engineer

A data engineer is an IT worker whose primary job is to prepare data for analytical or operational uses. These software engineers are typically responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different source systems.


High quality computer programming with the mode of offshore outsourcing from Hungary to the USA.


Our programmers in Hungary are cheaper than in the USA


We promise high quality products


We believe in the importance of the punctual time delivery

We find the excellent communications very important.

Outsourcing workflow:


We are programming in: C/C++, .Net, C#, JAVA, IOS, Android, Python, R, CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL.


For Cedel world bank the works of maintenance of theirs system of telephon. The clients from anywhere in the world could call the bank with this system and they could do their stock exhanges by phone. This project was in C, with austrian company WSOP LLC. in Budapest, Hungary, and sometimes in Vienna, Austria.

Making many different websites. This was with software company P92 LLC. in Budapest, Hungary and in Milan, Italy.

Making company booster CD for P92 LLC.

Complete control engineering system for oil tanks of MOL Nyrt, the biggest oil company in Hungary. This work was made to Szeged, in Intouch, with control engineering company Atysoft LLC.

Control engineering system for the railway station of Hegyeshalom of MÁV Zrt., the biggest railway company in Hungary. This was with Atysoft LLC.

For gymnasiums teatchers-students database program for hungarian company Octopus LLC.